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All punishments are final, until appealed

You are allowed to play another account while you wait out your punishment on your main account. If you continue similar behavior on your alternate account, this is what we call Punishment Evasion. Your ban from your main account will follow on your alternate account and increase on both accounts to the next offense tier available.


We aim for the Wilderness to be a place of little rules as much as possible.

Farming is not allowed, whether it be for the kills or blood money. We have measures put in place to combat this issue but players must not attempt to bypass this under any circumstances. The punishment for this will depend on the severity but it will typically result in temporary bans on the accounts involved.

Multi-logging in the wilderness with 2 accounts or more is strictly not allowed, this also extends to using 2 accounts for an advantage while killing players or monsters. This rule extends to using one account to Teleblock a player and log in to another account as 2 accounts are both being used for the same thing giving the player who is using 2 accounts an advantage. This also applies in a pvm setting if 1 account is being used to weaken a monsters and the player switches accounts to finish off the monster in question.
Players found to be in violation of these rules will be subject to warnings and/or punishments based on the discretion of the staff team

Verbal Infractions

1. Player Harassment and Inappropriate Language/Content

We have zero tolerance for the act of harassment towards another player(s) as well as the use of disrespectful language in regards to one's personal beliefs/religion, race, sexual preference, etc.
Discussion of inappropriate content via any chat avenue, per discretion of staff, will not be tolerated.

First Offense: 24H Mute | 2nd Offense: 72H Mute | 3rd Offense: 1W Mute | 4th Offense: Perm. Mute

2. Advertising/Active Server Discussion

Advertisement of RSPS related content, rather it be a video or direct request to join another server, will NOT be tolerated.
Discussing other active servers is strictly forbidden.

Minor 1st Offense: 24H Mute | 2nd Offense: Perm Mute

Major Offense: Perm. Ban

3. Spamming

Any form of spam will not be tolerated Including in our discord and our server.
Depending on the severity, you may/may not be warned before the punishment.

1st Offense: 24H Mute | 2nd Offense: 72H Mute | 3rd Offense: 1W Mute | 4th Offense: Perm. Mute

4. Threats

Any type of threats endangering one's life, security, or reputation will NOT be tolerated.
We want all of our players to feel welcome and safe here, do not go against that integrity.

Minor Offense: Perm. Ban | Major Offense: IP Ban

5. Encouraging Others to Break Rules

No member of our community shall ever be encouraging others to break rules.
Regardless if the other party is aware of said rule, action will be taken for those who do so. Punishment CAN be escalated to 3rd Offense/Perm. Ban depending on the rule at hand.

1st Offense: 48H Mute | 2nd Offense: 1W Mute | 3rd Offense: Perm. Mute

6. Rules within the Zalcano/Help CC

The Zalcano/Help CC is designed to provide help to any player for various things. As we do not mind general discussion, we do ask that you keep it civil and within these few guidelines.
Trolling and excessive banter will NOT be tolerated.
Do not advertise other CC’s in the Zalcano/Help CC.
No ranting about punishments or accusing others of rule breaking, we have forums to report players/appeal if needed.
Please do not give misleading/false information when help is requested.
Please keep buying, selling, and general talk out of the help CC if there is an influx in help related questions. (This allows us to monitor the CC more efficiently and ensure no questions go without an answer)
1st Offense: 24h Mute | 2nd Offense: Perma Mute

7. Backseat Moderation
Backseat moderation always proves to cause issues. While we appreciate the help with informing others of rules, staff members are given their role(s) for a reason. They are equipped with the experience we see fit to diffuse situations and handle the community accordingly. If a player continuously attempts to insert themselves in the middle of any Moderation duties, they will be punished. If you ever feel a staff member is not performing correctly, you are always welcome to Report a Staff Member.
1st Offense: 24H Mute | 2nd Offense: 48H Mute | 3rd Offense: 72H Mute | 4th Offense: Perm. Mute

Player Infractions

1. Bug Abuse

Players must not use or attempt to use any bugs or glitches which they may find in our game/website/discord.
Any exploits a player finds is requested to be immediately reported to us through the report a bug page or via Discord.
1st Offense: 1W Ban + Account Wipe | 2nd Offense: Perm. Ban | 3rd Offense: IP Ban

2. Hacking

The act of obtaining and/or using another member’s account information for any reason is strictly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to; obtaining passwords from old DB’s, Brute Forcing, Social Engineering information, RATing, etc. If you are found to be guilty of such acts, you will be removed from our community IMMEDIATELY.
1st Offense: Account & IP Ban

3. Scamming

Changing items/amounts of GP in trades or changing duel arena rules is NOT punishable, there are second trade/duel interfaces to avoid scams like this from taking place. Scamming item loans, trust trades, gambles, or any other scam that can be proven WILL be punished.

Video evidence MUST be provided, screenshots will not suffice.
Please keep in mind dice bags are untradable, so you will be jeopardizing your account along with your ability to host if you scam while gambling.

We do not offer refunds for items/gp that was lost due to a scam.
1st Offense: Perm. Ban | 2nd Offense: IP Ban

4. Impersonating
Impersonating another player and or a staff member is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED.
If players are caught doing this they will be IMMEDIATELY PUNISHED.
1st Offence: Perm Ban

Zalcano Forum Rules
1. Spamming

Posts that do not contribute to the topic of the thread or any relevant conversation being held within the thread are considered spam. Clarification of the rule can be seen below.

Posts that consists of pieces of content, that in specific, do not contribute to the post in a relative manner will be considered spam and a warning or infraction will be given per staff's discretion.
Grave digging is not allowed and consists of reviving a previously resolved, settled, or "dead" thread after a prolonged period of time. Threads with an activity gap of a month or greater shall be considered "grave-digging”.
Topic bumping must be done with the provided topic bumping feature. Topics shall be bumped no more than once every 12 hours.
Posts that do not contribute to the topic of the thread or any relevant conversation (regarding the topic) being held within the thread are considered spam.

Forum Warning and Warning Point(s) will be issued
Habitual offenders CAN lose posting privileges

2. RSPS/Malicious Discord Server Invites

Sending other RSPS Discord server invites as well as Malicious Discord server invites that promote rule breaking is NOT tolerated. Only Zalcano or non RSPS related invites allowed.
1st Offense: Perm. Ban on Discord/Forums

3. Signature and Profiles

All signatures, profile content, and profile pictures MUST be appropriate and follow all Server Rules. (e.g No advertisement, nude photos, racism etc.)
Forum Warning and Warning Point(s) will be issued
Habitual or major offenders could possibly be Perm. Banned depending on the infraction at hand

4. Misleading Links

Any link you send a member or post publicly must direct you to what it appears as. No link spoofing or redirect links are allowed. We will automatically assume you are up to no good if you do so.
1st Offense: Perm. Ban on Discord/Forums


Zalcano RSPS aims to provide a fair experience for all its players so the use of any macro, auto-clicker, scripts, bot/client or anything else of this nature is strictly prohibited. Auto-talkers are an exception to this however these must be set to 10-15 seconds delay, alternatively the player may use the built-in auto-chat feature.

Staff members will regularly conduct checks on suspected bot/macro users, the player must reply to these checks or risk being punished. If you are found breaking this rule, it will result in a temporary ban of the account along with a reset of skills and items being emptied. Repeated offences of this will result in a permanent punishment.

Depending on the severity of the rule broken, the Zalcano team reserves the right to change or modify ANY of the rules listed above without notice.
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