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I'll be giving some helpful tips for all you Runelite users, there are many features that Runelite has to offer that you may or may not know about!

Enjoy! :D

Toggle "Stretch Fixed Mode" > Increased Performance > this will allow you to have MORE FPS but it does decrease the quality of the game. (mainly for players with low fps)

Toggle "Reorder Prayers" > This will allow you to setup your prayers a certain way you choose fit > simply Unlock/Lock by right clicking Prayer Tab!

Toggle "Timers" > This will allow you to see veng/barrage/potions/boss spawns, etc. countdown > ALSO holding down Alt Key and dragging these timers to whichever corner you are comfortable with.

Toggle "Bank Tags" > Go inside your bank and right click any item Edit-tags > name that item anything you wish (preferably acronyms NOT item names) use names such as "Pking" or "Outfits" > this feature is incredibly useful instead of having to search your bank for each item. Incredibly helpful for bossing setups.

Toggle "Camera Zoom" > Vertical Camera feature > check option > You can now look directly over your character instead of being limited.

Toggle "Entity Hider" > only check off what you wish to not see in-game > This could help when doing certain tasks such as Drop Parties if you do not wish to see player swarms, etc.

Toggle "Ground Markers" > hold down your shift key & right click a square > Mark Tile - This can be incredibly useful if you are doing clues, bossing, etc.

Toggle "Ground Items" > hold down your Alt Key and +/- any items you wish to not see. You can even ++ items that you want to be a certain color.


Your bank has an Incinerator option -> clicking items and typing ::empty is MUCH faster.. this is just for players that wish to do it inside the same bank interface