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Player Report Format

Have you found a player breaking a rule on Zalcano?

If so, Report it Here!


* Please provide as much information as it may assist us with the reported player.
This can be a screenshot or a video recording of the player breaking the rule.
* You Must follow the format below, without it your thread may get denied
(If so, please make a new one with the format included!)
* Do not create duplicate threads when reporting a player. Your report will be viewed by the next available staff member as soon as possible.

-Sufficient proof for ALL reports is MANDATORY.
-Do not tag staff to bump your report.

»»————-Player Report Format——————-««

Your In-game Name (Required)

In-game Name of the Player Being Reported (Required)

What Did the Reported Player Do (Please Explain)

Proof of the Player Doing So (Required)

Please remember it can take a while for your report to be reviewed by a staff member.

Thank you for taking the time to report this player!